My workplace – My materials

This is to show you my workplace !

I try to work with natural material a lot, wood, shells, seeds but also various stones like agate, carneol, turquoise, coral, amber, jaspis, amethyst, howlite, labradorite etc…

I have also recently made some jewellery with ceramic beads.

I do use silver that I brought back from Thailand, but here I buy silver plated elements which are also very beautiful and make the jewellery affordable.

Please read carefully the material used for each piece, if it’s silver I will tell it, if it’s silver plated I will also mention it.

I also use glass beads and rocaille. Less than other materials but I also like it.

I personally think that any material is good even plastic, if you like it, if it’s beautiful in your eyes, that’s the most important thing !

If you have any doubts or questions about a piece please write to me I will try my best to answer questions !

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