Here are some links to websites that I like. They can be creative friends or just links from the Internet.


  • This is Guillaume, my cousin. He enhances or totally transforms chairs that he finds on the street or that people ask him to customize!  Chairs and Co


  • This is also my cousine, Vanessa ! She is a Feng Shui  and Colour expert ! Vanessa Feng Shui


  • This is one of my oldest friends : street artist PSYCKOZE . I love his work !


  • This is Lise, the daughter of friends of mine. She is a Gold- and Silversmith and I really like her work. She is very good at engraving and does original jewellery. She is very talented Lise VIOT Bijoux


  • Here is also the website of a friend, Béatrice Jouanneau. She is doing Mosaic and I really like her style, colourful and creative ! Have a look at Bea’s website !


  • I bought some very beautiful seeds from this website: Favela Brasil