I stayed in India several times and for longer periods. I did not actually take a lot of pictures of people there even though they are really used to foreigners.

Here are some subtle pieces of jewellery worn by women but also babies as you can see.


This is my friend Maddhu. She is from the tailor’s cast which means quite low on the scale of casts. For this occasion she has put on her beautiful sari and her jewellery. I have sent her the picture. You can see typical Pushkar architecture. That’s the entrance to her place.

mariage Maddhu2

Maddhu getting married. She gave me these pictures. Her husband is very nice even if she looks sad on the picture, that’s tradition. And she was very young !

You can see her wedding jewellery here.

mariage Maddhu

Here she is at another part of the ceremony.

Sikh woman and her daughter- Golden temple-Amritsar-India

Sikh woman and her daughter- Golden temple-Amritsar-India

This is a young mother with her little daughter in the Golden Temple common baths. You can see the baby with silver bracelets.


Here is Anju ! Another little friend from Pushkar ! Wearing simple rings and a nose stud.

Rajasthani girl

Here a Rajasthani girl in the desert. She was very curious about me ! Look at her ear adornment ! All gold !

Gadowlia RJS

Here is a Gadowlia mum and her daughter. Big bellies like this with children are often signs of worms.

Gadowlias are gypsies. They are the ancestors of all the gypsies that travelled from Rajasthan to Europe. I had specifically asked local people to introduce me to them. Someone translated and when I explained to them that there were people descending from the same ancestors in Europe they were not impressed !! The Gadowlias that I met were nomadic and their profession was blacksmith. They carry their forge around on carriages.

Look at her arm bracelets !

Amulette carving MMB

This is a picture of myself (orange) and two German girls learning how to carve amulets on Steatite. The funny boy on the left is Srini, the amulet seller who became teacher for a few days !

I carved the peacock amulet on the welcome page with him !