About me


Dear Visitors,

My name is Vanessa and I have been doing bead jewellery since I was a teenager.

I do this during my free time, it’s a way to relax¬†and be creative at the same time.

A lot of my beads are still remains of the big amount of material I brought back from Thailand where I had lived 2 years in 2000 until 2002.

I bought a lot of it in Chatuchak market but also in Old Siam and Chinatown.

I have also brought back some nice Turquoise from Nepal and India (Ladakh and Darjeeling)

Now I live in the Netherlands and I buy my beads mainly at Habella in Korte Poten in The Hague.

I also go to the Sieraden Beurs and the Mineralen Beurs of The Hague.

When I go to Flea markets or antic markets I always look at old jewellery or any type of beads that I could recycle.


Hanoi- Vietnam

Hanoi- Vietnam 1999


Sri Chiang Mai Laos Border 2001